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eBook Studio creates eBooks that can be read by the eReader software
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eBook Studio creates eBooks that can be read by the eReader software on Palm OS® or PocketPC handhelds. With eBook Studio you will be able to easily design the navigation of your document, format it, and convert the finished document for reading on a handheld.
eBook Studio gives you an editing tool designed to help you create your own eBooks for eReader. Now you can take your novel, essay, story, manual or any other written work and easily convert it into the most widely used eBook format in the world.
eBook Studio enables you to format text, create chapters/table of contents, add images, and create links to make your book easy to read on a Palm OS or PocketPC handheld.
eBook Studio is available for both of the major desktop operating systems. With eBook Studio you get a desktop WYSIWYG editor that allows you to lay out your eBook exactly on the handheld. Simply highlight, point and click to format your text. Insert an image into the text where you want it. Create a hypertext link for glossary entries or to link related sections of your book.
Create your eBook the way you want it to look and then simply select "Make Book" from the menu. Import your materials in a variety of formats. eBook Studio lets you pour text into your document from several sources. Cut & paste from MS-Word import RTF or text documents or open Palm Markup Language (PML) files directly.

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